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CHECKMOR colour contrast penetrants, developers and cleaner / removers.
The Checkmor range of colour contrast(Red Dye)penetrant inspection processes provides a relatively simple, but sensitive means of detecting discontinuities open to the surface on a wide range of materials embracing metals, alloys and some ceramics.

The processes are versatile and are not restricted by the geometry of the components under examination. They can be adapted for local inspection of suspect areas on large structures or for production inspection of components in large quantities processed by immersion techniques.

Visible colour contrast penetrant are not so vulnerable to contaminants trapped within defects as are fluorescent penetrants and in this respect may be considered to have a slight advantage. Nevertheless, effective surface preparation is essential.

CHECKMOR penetrant processes are approved or conform to many internationally recognised specifications. Several processes or individual products are also approved and included in independent company specifications for use by the O.E.M or sub - contractor.
Product Approvals and Conformance include:

AMS 2644 (formerly Mil I 25135)
ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code section V
AECL and RCCM ( including residual sulphur & halogen analysis)
NAVSEA 250 1500-1

BRITEMOR approved water washable and post removable fluorescent penetrants, developers and cleaner / removers.

The ’BRITEMOR’ fluorescent penetrant brand was first introduced to the market over 50 years ago and today’s comprehensive range of products continues to meet the ever increasing market demands for component reliability and quality.

BRITEMOR fluorescent penetrant processes are extremely versatile and are not restricted by the geometry or size of components. Britemor products are extensively used for local inspection applications as well as large volume production inspection in the aerospace, oil, gas, petrochemical and automotive industries.

BRITEMOR PENETRANT PROCESSES are approved or conform to many internationally recognised specifications. Several processes or individual products are also approved and included in independent company specifications for the inspection of new or overhauled components.
Product approvals and Conformance include:

AMS2644 (formerly Mil I 25135), Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, Rolls Royce, Boeing, British Aerospace, SNECMA, Turbomeca, MTU, DASSAULT, CFM International, Aerospatiale, ASME V, Peugeot Citroen, Renault.



SUPRAMOR colour contrast ( black & red) inks for colour contrast magnetic particle inspection, including white contrast paints.

Supramor 4 Black supplied in aerosol form is by far the most commonly used product for in-situ inspection applications especially where it is not practical to use fluorescent inks requiring ultraviolet lights for viewing

Supramor 4 Black is often used in conjunction with White Contrast Paint WCP712 in order to provide a colour contrast against dark substrates.

LUMOR fluorescent magnetic particle inspection products.
All forms of Lumor fluorescent inspection products are derived from the base powders,

LUMOR powders can be mixed with kerosene and supplied ready to use or as liquid or powder concentrates which can either be mixed with water or kerosene by the end user. Lumor powders can only be mixed directly with water with the addition of water treatment compounds such as HC1 or HC2.

Typical Applications -Aerospace and general purpose for the detection of fine, medium and coarse defects.

Inspection Conditions - For all standard fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, viewing should be carried out under UVA (365nm)of at least 1,000 microwatts per square cm. at the component surface with ambient light below 10 lux. (Individual specifications may vary from the above)

FERROMOR dry powders for magnetic particle inspection, both colour contrast and combined visual / fluorescent products.

FERROMOR coloured magnetic powders are finely divided ferromagnetic powders of high permeability and low coercivity blended with coloured pigments. They are designed to be used in the dry state and inspection is carried out in good visible light.

Dry powders are suitable for seeking coarse defects in billets, tube rounds, large primary castings, pipe welds, welded structures etc. They show good sensitivity for subcutaneous defects when used in conjunction with half wave rectified current.

Ferromor powders are supplied ready for use.

Ferromor powders should be viewed in good white light of at least 500 lux at the test surface.( except NDF)

Ferromor powders have a particle size range from 5-170 microns and density 2-3.



SURTEST ultrasonic couplant for general purpose, aerospace and high temperature applications. All products have excellent probe coupling and acoustic transmission properties and, due to their unique formulation, ensure consistent and even probe movement over both rough and smooth surfaces.

In addition to this, all Surtest products are non-toxic in nature and contain effective corrosion inhibitors making them suitable for use on ferrous and non-ferrous materials in a wide variety of laboratory and field applications.


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