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Online NDT Training
NDT Classroom recognizes the need for effective online NDT training.
NDT legends Chuck Hellier and Jim Treat have brought together industry leading instructors with completely video-based online NDT training to create NDT Classroom.

When you order you will be sent an enrolment form to complete for each student / course. Once you have completed and returned the form the student will be enrolled and notified.

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Introduction to NDT

The Introduction to NDT course is a course taught by industry icon Chuck Hellier, who literally wrote the book on NDT training.

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NDTC-615   1  NDT Classroom Introduction to NDT Each  $447.04 
Save $78

Eddy Current I & II

The Eddy Current I course addresses the theory and principles related to general surface scanning techniques.  In addition, it covers general aerospace applications.

The Eddy Current II course addresses the theory and principles related to general surface scanning techniques including emphasis on evaluation of test results.  In addition, it covers general aerospace applications.

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NDTC-671   1  NDT Classroom Eddy Current I Each  $889.82 
Save 155
NDTC-675   1  NDT Classroom Eddy Current II Each  $889.82 
Save $155

Magnetic Particle I & II

Magnetic Particle Testing is one of the most widely used Nondestructive Tests. It is a quick and effective test for the detection of discontinuities at or very close to the surface of the object being examined.

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NDTC-617   1  NDT Classroom Magnetic Particle I/II Each  $711.00 
Save $124

Penetrant Testing

Penetrant Testing is considered by some as an extension to VT. This is a widely used NDT method that is capable of detecting very small discontinuities that are open to the surface and can detect those flaws well below the VT threshold. Virtually any solid, nonabsorbent object can be examined with PT.

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NDTC-619   1  NDT Classroom Penetrant Testing I & II Each  $711.00 
Save $124

Radiographic Testing I & II

In the Radiographic Testing Level I course, the student will learn the theory and principles of radiation and how they apply to the basics of radiography.

Radiographic Testing Level II is a continuation of the RT Level I course and expands on the duties and responsibilities of the RT practitioner.
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NDTC-944   1  NDT Classroom Radiography Testing I V2 Each  $617.34 
Save $108
NDTC-945   1  NDT Classroom Radiography Testing II V2 Each  $804.67 
Save $140

Ultrasonic Testing

The Ultrasonic Testing Level I course includes a basic introduction to the theory and principles of ultrasound including frequency, velocity, and wavelength.

Ultrasonic Testing Level II is an extension of UT Level I and delves into the theory and principles to a much greater depth.

The Ultrasonic Thickness Testing course describes the basic principles of ultrasound as they apply to thickness testing of materials and components.

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NDTC-651   1  NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Testing I Each  $711.00 
Save $124
NDTC-655   1  NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Testing II Each  $804.67 
Save $140
NDTC-950   1  NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Thickness Testing V3 Each  $617.34 
Save $108
Ultrasonic Phased Array

Ultrasonic Phased Array 101
is for Managers & Technical Personnel
Ultrasonic Phased Array 102 is for Qualification Process to ASME Code
Ultrasonic Phased Array 103 Bundle of 101 & 102
Ultrasonic Phased Array 80 Hours is for Level II
 Part#   Min.   Product Description   Unit   Unit Price      Qty         Add to Cart 
NDTC-985   1  Phased Array 101 for Manager & Technicians Each  $447.04 
Save $78
NDTC-986   1  Phased Array 102 Qualification Process to ASME Each  $447.04 
Save $78
NDTC-987   1  Phased Array 103 Bundle 101 & 102 Each  $711.00 
Save $124
NDTC-982   1  Phased Array 80 Hour Level II Each  $1,282.05 
Save $13

Visual Testing

Visual Testing is the oldest and most widely used Nondestructive test method. This online course is appropriate for individuals with little or no inspection training and is an ideal course to begin ones career in NDT.

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NDTC-665   1  NDT Classroom Visual Testing I/II Each  $617.34 
Save $108
Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety training is a completely video-based online course taught by certified trainer/radiographer Walt Cofer.  The course is intended as initial or refresher training for individuals pursuing industrial radiographer radiation safety certification and for anyone interested in understanding the basic principles and applications of industrial radiation safety. 
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NDTC-959   1  NDT Classroom Radiation Safety V6 Each  $889.82 
Save $155


NDTclassroom's REFRESHER courses are completely video based online courses taught by industry-leading instructors.

Each Refresher course is designed for the learner to review the material at their own pace while completing section quizzes and a Final Exam.  These courses are perfect for earning credit toward recertification
 Part#   Min.   Product Description   Unit   Unit Price      Qty         Add to Cart 
NDTC-411   1  NDT Classroom Magnetic Particle Testing Refresher Each  $532.19 
Save $93
NDTC-413   1  NDT Classroom Penetrant Testing Refresher Each  $532.19 
Save $93
NDTC-415   1  NDT Classroom Radiography Testing Refresher Each  $532.19 
Save $93
NDTC-419   1  NDT Classroom Ultrasonic Testing Refresher Each  $532.19 
Save $93
NDTC-421   1  NDT Classroom Visual Testing Refresher Each  $532.19 
Save $93

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